A story that was born from an insight

Welcome to Spiritual Pets, whereart and nature come together to offer your four-legged companion a world of beauty and well-being.

We are passionate about our work: we create handcrafted furniture, made from fine woods and inspired by golden proportions, that enriches the environment of your home and enhances the bond between you and your furry friend.
Each piece is a testament to our dedication to sustainability, quality andharmony with nature itself.
Explore our universe of pet furniture, the brainchild of Luca, a boy born in the beautiful Orobic foothills of the Alps to a family of carpenters for three generations.

The Harmony of the Golden Section

The golden section is the main brick that makes up life throughout the universe. Everywhere we look, nature is built on this small number: the Nautilus, the arrangement of flower petals, the proportions that determine the canons of beauty from ancient Greece onward, all revolve around the golden section.

Discovering it by chance through Dan Brown's famous book "The Da Vinci Code" changed the brand founder's life and showed him how everything is connected. He realized that through its use one can create harmoniously and in connection with nature. It was natural to use the golden section to design Spiritual Pets products!

Eco-friendly and sustainable pet furniture

Spiritual Pets' approach with the design of pet furniture consisting of easily interlocking elements on each side is an example of conceptual intelligence and sustainability. This feature makes the furniture extremely easy to move and also offers a significant advantage in terms of maintenance and durability.

The ability to replace only the damaged or deteriorated side rather than the entire piece of furniture reduces the cost and environmental impact associated with complete replacement. This solution aligns perfectly with Spiritual Pets' philosophy of valuing quality craftsmanship and environmental responsibility.

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