Spiritual Pets: Handcrafted furniture for animals

An insight from many years ago unearthed, the idea of using golden proportions and a new four-legged friend: Neige.
Discover Luca's world

"My name is Luca, I was born in 1980 and grew up in Clusone, a town in the foothills of the Orobic foothills. I have been a carpenter for three generations: my great-grandfather, grandfather and father were carpenters before me. I started playing in my grandfather's carpentry shop at a very young age and haven't stopped since.

Spiritual Pets was born many years ago, from an insight I never thought would return: a friend gave me an old chest, which I restored and lent out. The person to whom I lent it advised me to get more chests to restore them because she was so pleased with my work.

As often happens to me, I tried to use my imagination to give new life to one of those old benches, which I left on display in the hair salon where my mother worked. In one of these chests I made anopening for small dogs to come in and rest while the mistress got her hair done. I thought it was a cute idea

That bench stayed in the living room a few months, because my mother retired. So I put it in the attic, and forgot about it until Neige came into my life. Having to give him a space, I initially thought of using that old bench, but it was not very functional and took up extra space. Then I set out to think of a similar combination but using my own style and keeping in touch with nature through the use in design of the golden number.

Working often on the PC, I thought I could revisit the bench and create one that could be an ergonomic seat for me and a refuge for Neige, so that he would always have it close by. Thus the Pancuccia was born! When my friends saw it they were amazed: many of them asked me to sell it to them or make it for their dogs as well.

In the meantime, Neige grew, so I tried to create different sizes of this product to meet the needs of different dogs, came up with two other products, and jumped into the world of pet fairs to see if there was potential in the products I came up with.

And yes, people were left open-mouthed, as if the products were breaking their hearts!"


Exceptional Aesthetics

Each piece of furniture is an artistic masterpiece, designed following the golden proportions to create an environment of beauty and harmony in your home. Our furniture blends seamlessly into the décor, offering a design that goes beyond mere functionality.


Each of our creations is modular: in case one side needs to be changed you can reorder it individually without having to replace the whole product.

Customized design

We offer a range of sizes and wood types for each product, ensuring that you will find the perfect solution for your pet and your home.

Personalized Pet Furniture

Craftsmanship, attention to detail, animal welfare and sustainability

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